I should have known
That this was to happen
My pie of the chocolate sundae
Would have been consumed
While I slept to get over
A tiring day at work.
Betrayal, sometimes is sweet.
Even more so,
when complemented by a hug.
the tiny little human at home.


It has never felt better to start a day
With the birds chirping and
the rays of the day,
Flaring through your hair.
As you lay tired on my chest.
I don't remember the previous night much.
I only recollect being intoxicated,
Consumed by both passion and lust.
You were at your sensuous best,
Taking the lead, and showing the way.
I swamped to find words to talk
Unspoken words, replaced by ecstasy,
Craving you more, every daring kiss.
I could sense the fire in your heart
Transcend into your breathing,
Burning me, consuming my desires.
Hypnotized by your charm,
I surrendered myself to your ways.
I don't quite know if I would
regret the night or cherish it forever.
One thing for sure, there wouldn't be
Another night like this

Blind Faith

Manuscripts that are a
Thousand years old
Qualifies the human deeds,
acts of good or of sin
And reads out punishments.

Logic, science and reasoning,
Non existent.
What are medicines for,
When my blind faith would cure
Me and everyone else from the perils.

I would only embrace modernity
On the peripheral.
Freedom for all, I proclaim.
Yes, I'd cat call, slut shame and insult
The outcast without societal norms.

Wearing the judgemental cloak
Is oh so easy.
All I need to do is blurt out that
It's how we have been since ages,
Freedom sometimes is a one way street.

Teenage Crushes

It wasn't until I first spoke to you,
That I started to worry about impressions,
And even expressions.
I knew from the beginning,
words were my Forte.
But it was you, the reason why I pursued it.

I don't think you'll remember or recollect,
I don't even know if you'd even noticed
How the silent and bookish kid in the class
Suddenly started to act different.
They say, teenage crushes are a thing of fancy
But for me, the impetus for transformation.

Three years of self imposed distancing
And ten years after,
Here we are today, laughing at the mockery
I had made of myself trying to impress you.
From a school time crush to a friend,
Someone who I treat as an extended family,
We have indeed come a long way.
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